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Payment Arrangements

Our preferred payment method at HTPD is ParentPay - a secure online payment system used by many schools that is instant and provides a payment trail.

You can use ParentPay to pay for:

  • Lunch credits
  • Extended schools provision (Breakfast Club, PUPS, Clubs+)
  • School trips/activities
  • Other donations

Please log into your account regularly to check your balance and any outstanding payments. Refunds are made where necessary, such as when children leave the school.

Please note: childcare vouchers, cash and cheques are uploaded to ParentPay manually. These will be reflected in your account in the first week of each month. The voucher remittances will be logged on ParentPay.

For before and after school provision costs, please see the Before and After School page for prices.

For further tips and guidance on how to set up a ParentPay account, please see the ParentPay Activation Guide.

School Lunches

Pewley Down

As infant school lunches are now free, there are no lunch payments at Pewley Down. However, if you are eligible for free school meals under the means-tested scheme, then please consider registering anyway, as this attracts considerable non-meal related funding for the school.

Holy Trinity

There are no subsidies for Holy Trinity school lunches, however, lunches can be paid for using the credit system on ParentPay. Please see the current price information.

If you want to know more about free school meals, please see the school meals page.


Contributions are requested to cover costs for school trips and other special activities which form an important part of the all-round education offered at HTPD.

For any trip or activity payment, a letter will be sent out in advance by ParentMail. This will include information on costings, how to pay and due dates for payment. If you opt for notifications on ParentPay, you will receive one once the payment for a trip has been set up. You may also be directed to the Forms section of ParentMail where you will find any relevant electronic forms for your child(ren).

If you feel that you are unable to contribute towards these costs, please speak in confidence to Clare Brunet or email the school Finance Manager.

Additional Contributions

Some families may be in the fortunate position of being able to help another family with school costs. If you would like to do so, you can also make this contribution on ParentPay. For general voluntary donations, simply add the payable item “school fund donations” to your basket. You will be able to select the amount you wish to donate and then check out in the usual way for online payments.

Voluntary donations for residential trips can be made using the “voluntary trip donation” item which is selectable within the relevant residential payment on ParentPay. This will allow you to give any amount up to and beyond the full cost of the trip. For each residential there are two possible payable items. An example of this is: (1) Year 5 Trip to Brenscombe Farm: cost £295 and (2) Voluntary Brenscombe Farm Donation £500(max).

Any additional financial support is greatly appreciated. Other ways to give include direct debit or stand-alone payments through your bank. These will attract tax relief if you have completed a Gift Aid Donation Form (available from the Office).