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No. 309 - 8 September

Dear Parents and Carers,

It’s been great to see everyone back in school this week – the children, and staff too, should be congratulated on managing so admirably in this heat! Temperatures in school have been pretty uncomfortable (apart from in the lovely air-conditioned Year 2 classrooms, thanks to the generosity of FOPS fund raising last year!).

It’s been so encouraging to visit classes where children are excited to learn, focused and listening carefully, and being so respectful to one another, and to their new teachers. There’s been a real “zest for learning and love of life” on show; I know we all enjoy a holiday, but getting back into normal routines and finding out about new topics for learning is really satisfying for all of us! I hope you feel that your child has started to relax into their new classroom and is enjoying making new friends. Well done to all of you for getting them up and ready in time, for getting them dressed in smart school uniform, and for reassuring them when those “start of term” butterflies started flapping.

You will be very glad to hear that, thanks to a visit earlier in the week from the Diocese’s buildings officer, our school buildings at both sites were confirmed to be free of any RAAC. Whilst we felt confident that we had no concerns, it was reassuring to hear an expert’s opinion. What a difficult situation some schools find themselves in, but I’m so glad that at HTPD we have started the term so well!

Next week, we’re looking forward to all the new children in Reception coming in every day, and also to the start of our exciting day-trips, with Year 4 heading off to Butser Ancient Farm on Monday, Year 3 and Year 6 meeting their buddies on the Downs on Tuesday, and then Year 6 beginning their exciting topic on the rainforest with a trip to Wisley on Friday to learn about plant adaptation. Not to be outdone, Year 4 and Year 5 will also enjoy a trip to the Chantries on Friday so it will be very quiet that day at HT!

Do remember to come along to our Meet the Team events (HT next Thursday at 7pm for years 3-6 and PD on the following Tuesday 19th for years R-2). These events are so important for you to hear all that lies ahead for your child, how best you can support them at home, and ways for you to get involved in school too. We really do rely on your partnership – and it’s a great way to meet your child’s teacher too.

Just one quick note before I close, it’s really important that we keep the roads around school safe. We operate an informal one-way system at drop-off and pick-up, with traffic coming down Semaphore Road past Pewley from Pewley Hill at the top. Then to reach the juniors, we drive along Pewley Way and into Addison Road. It’s best to keep clear of Cline Road as it’s really impossible to turn around when it’s busy. Please do remember not to park in private roads or car-park spaces (including Pewley Bank and Addison Court), or across driveways and never on the zig-zags. With so many children walking or arriving by bike, we really must keep speeds below 20mph and be extremely careful not to block pavements or reduce visibility for pedestrians to safely cross roads. Please do try to park up some distance away and walk for the last bit – it’s a healthy, safer and more pleasant option. Thanks so much! I hope that you have a lovely sunny weekend, enjoying these last few days of the heatwave and we look forward to it starting to cool down next week, so that it feels more like a typical autumn term!

With love,


Thought of the week:

Whole School Notice

Nut-free school

Please remember that we are a nut-free school. This is to ensure that any children with nut allergies are safe when they’re in school; at the juniors, please remember that children should only bring healthy fruit or vegetable snacks for their morning break (no crisps, chocolate bars or anything with a wrapper to reduce litter and stay healthy) and please check that packed lunches don’t contain nuts of any kind.

At the infants children are provided with a healthy fruit/vegetable snack at break-time.

After School Clubs

If your child attends after-school clubs, do check the notices below by clicking on the junior or infant section.


We had some lovely news in August with the arrival of Catherine’s (one of our Year R teachers) baby Hettie.

We’re really looking forward to seeing them both.

Parenting Puzzle Workshop

The Parenting Puzzle Workshop will run for 10 weeks from Wednesday 20 September to Wednesday 29 November (excluding half term week - 25th October), 9.30 - 11.30am at the Trinity Centre near the High Street. The sessions are open to all HTPD parents and are led by our Home School Link Workers (Lucy and Bridgit). Please see the flyer below for more information and how to book (numbers are limited)


PE Kits

In a change from last year, children will now need to bring their PE kits in and get changed in school. We need to promote children’s independence with changing and taking responsibility for their clothing. You can either bring kits in on PE days or leave them on their pegs in school for the half term.

Teacher-led clubs start next week beginning 11 September. They will start at 3.00pm and finish at 3.45pm. External clubs will continue to finish at 4.00pm.

The following clubs are cancelled next week:

  • Fun and Board Games with Beccy on Monday
  • Construction with Hayley on Tuesday

Meet the Team evening, Tuesday 19 September at 7.00pm

This is an opportunity to meet the staff team and hear about the year ahead (see Clare’s letter above).

Menu: Week 2 beginning 11 September.


Dates for the Diary

  • Monday 11/09/23 – Y4 Butser Farm Visit
  • Tuesday 12/09/23 – Y3 and Y6 Buddy Day
  • Wednesday 13/09/23 – 4SJ Swimming lessons start
  • Thursday 14/09/23 - Meet the Team HT Y3-6 7pm in the Chapel
  • Friday 15/09/23 – Y4 and Y5 Buddy Day
  • Friday 15/09 Y6 Wisley Visit 

Autumn Term School Clubs

Please see the ParentMail for detailed information. The Clubs list can be found on the website (parents/clubs) or download below.

Please note the start date of the clubs – some clubs are starting next week 11/09/23, but a few will start the following week beginning 18/09/23.  


For all new starters; activation letters will be sent home Monday 11th, please check school bags.

Please note that the below trips are now live on  Prompt payment would be much appreciated:

Lunch: Week 2 Menu beginning 11/09/23.

If your child brings snacks or a packed lunch in school, please remember HTPD has a No Nuts Policy.


Tuesday 12 September - Y3,4,5&6 XC at St Catherine's

Friday 15 September - Y6 Surrey Storm Netball Festival

Further Information about HT Swim Club

HT Swim Club runs on Fridays, 4pm - 5pm & 5pm - 6pm at St Catherine's school in Bramley. 

The club will suit children who enjoy their swimming lessons and would like to swim more hours a week, or are reaching a point where they would like to join a swimming club. The club is open to swimmers in Y4, Y5 & Y6 who are able to swim at least 25m and are at Stage 5 in their swimming lessons. 

The club is run by ex-pupil, Sissy Gasson, who is a Level 2 ASA Swim Coach and a Level 2 ASA Swim Teacher and also an ASA British Open Water Coach.

If you are interested in your child joining the club, please email Laura Sutton. Please note there are limited spaces available. The club will open up to Y3 children in the Summer term so email Laura if you would like to add your child's name to the Y3 list to try- out in the Spring term.

The current cost £150.00 for 10 weeks . Please note that as the club is off site, parents are responsible to taking their child to the club and are required to stay onsite throughout the lesson.

  • Year 6 Wisley £11.60 – payment due date Friday 8 September 2023
  • Year 4 Butser Ancient Farm £25.75 – payment due date Friday 8 September 2023
  • Year 4SJ Swimming £65.70 – payment due date Friday 8 September 2023
  • Year 3AW Swimming £58.40 – payment due date Tuesday 12 September 2023
  • The team has been sent out on Parent Mail
  • The team has been sent out on Parent Mail

Other Notices

Guildford Heritage Open Days – Friday 8 to Sunday 10 September across Guildford

There are over 50 interesting, historical and beautiful venues open this weekend for free across Guildford.  For details, please visit Guildford Heritage Open Days 2023 - Heritage & History in Guildford and surrounding villages, Guildford - Visit Surrey and download the Hidden Treasures leaflet.

Saturday only, Guildford Town Centre – the Story of Guildford Trail
Have fun on the trail and enjoy finding out about our town’s history! Learn about Guildford’s fascinating history and collect stickers along the way as part of our Heritage Open Days event. Stickers can be collected from venues marked on the map with a red dot on Saturday 9 September. 

Each venue is open from 11am until 4pm, with some opening slightly earlier or later. The Family Trail Sticker books are available to pick up from Guildford Tourist Information Centre.

Royal Surrey Community Open 23 September Please see the flyer below with information about the open day and activities for Primary School Children.

Home Start Volunteer Recruitment - Home-Start is a national charity (Home-Start UK) and are looking to recruit volunteers with parenting experience. The volunteers will go through a Prep Course and then be matched with a family which has been referred Home-Start. To qualify for support a family must have at least one child under the age of 5, live in Guildford borough and be experiencing at least one challenge over and above the everyday challenges of parenting.  Attached is a new flier, specifically for the course starting on 20 September.  It runs for 6 weeks, with a two-week break at half term (18 and 25 October) and ending on 8 November.  The day is 9.30am to 2pm and includes a sandwich lunch.