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Our creative, cross-curricular and child-centred curriculum allows for excited and enthusiastic thinkers, with enquiry and exploration being at the heart of learning. Our approach to teaching and learning encourages children to be open-minded, to think and work independently and collaboratively, to problem solve and be able to communicate effectively.

To fulfil these aims we have developed a curriculum model based on termly or half termly topics for each year group which follow the requirements set out in the New Curriculum for KS1 and KS2. Each topic has a Geography, History or Science focus and during this topic there will be significantly more time spent on this subject area while the other subject areas are linked to the theme where appropriate. This means that in a History themed topic there may be less Geography or Science taught in that half term.

The appropriate allocation for each subject will be evened out over the year; this can sometimes be part of a themed week when a significant amount of curriculum time is spent on one subject area for a whole week. Maths and English are taught every day with much of the English curriculum linked to the topic theme and some of the Maths when appropriate.

At HTPD, we use the "Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised" phonics scheme.