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Our School

Collective Worship


Children are spiritual beings who often think deeply and hold serious convictions.

We regard it as a privilege to work with young people to ponder the more profound questions of life and faith. In our school spirituality is seen in joyful singing and dance, and in silent meditation and prayer. As a Church School we seek to nurture in the heart and minds of our children the knowledge and love of God. We provide them with an experience of Christian Community which will influence and shape the rest of their lives.

Assemblies are a high point of the day, expressing our general ethos of mutual respect, laughter and love. Our school motto, "Learn to Live" is taken from Jesus' words; "I have come that you may have life and have it to the full".

Parents do have the right to withdraw their children from religious education lessons and from acts of collective worship should you wish to do this, please contact the Headteacher.

Summer Term 2022 - "It's a Puzzle!"

With the start of a new term, we begin an exciting, new assembly series. This term we’re using the parables that Jesus told to help us explore building our lives on firm foundations. What better way to start than with the story of the wise and foolish builders, one building on rock and one on sand. The children laughed out loud at Georgie and Nick’s renditions of a foolish builder at Pewley and Holy Trinity respectively. It’s great to be able to laugh together as part of our collective worship again! See if the children can tell you about the meaning behind the parable. Retelling Aesop’s fables each week will also help us to understand and puzzle out Jesus’ meaning. We’re calling the series “It’s a puzzle” and hoping that at the same time as thinking about life’s challenges, the children will enjoy lots of maths puzzles, anagrams and cryptic clues!