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  • 12/09/23

    Buddy Days

    Year 6 enjoyed time with their new Year 3 buddies earlier this week, “seeing heaven in the moment” and “imagining the journey in another’s footsteps” - it was a great time together! Another glorious day #seeingheaveninthemoment with Year 4 and Year 5 having t...
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  • 18/07/23

    Year 6 Celebration

    A beautiful celebration of Year 6, our school values, family and friendship as the children look ahead to their exciting futures!
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  • 14/07/23

    Trinity Trek

    Year 6 are still smiling despite the rain!
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  • 05/07/23

    Painshill Park

    Exploring the world, Year 1 had a wonderful day at Painshill Park.
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  • 23/06/23

    Preston Montford

    Year 6 Preston Montford, Shropshire
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  • 25/05/23

    Maths Challenge

    Four children from Year 3 took part in a maths challenge at Halstead School in Woking this week; they were in teams of 2.
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  • 10/05/23

    Year 1 Wisley Gardens

    Year 1 had a wonderful day in the spring sunshine at Wisley Gardens!
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  • 09/05/23

    Year 5 Brenscombe Farm

    Year 5 are having a wonderful time in Dorset!
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  • 07/05/23

    Coronation Bank Holiday

    Wishing everyone in the HTPD community a very happy Coronation Bank Holiday weekend!
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  • 21/04/23

    New Computing Curriculum

    The children at the junior school are having a great time getting to know the new school laptops and are thoroughly enjoying the new computing curriculum which has been implemented.
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  • 31/03/23

    Easter Garden

    Well done to our creative Easter garden designers! 
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