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Junior 18/10/13

18 October 2013

Dear Parents,

I wonder if your job gives you some great highs and lows or whether it is a constant and consistent task which you perform. Teaching can certainly have great moments, for example when a child eventually grasps a principle in maths when the teacher has tried in five or six ways without success. A similar moment can occur in writing when somebody unexpectedly writes a piece of creative writing full of sensitivity and style. We are fortunate at HTPD that these times occur frequently and that your children put in great effort to achieve as well as they do.

There are however times of great serendipity when something happens which is such a wow moment you know that you will always remember it and want to share it with everyone. Well, I had one such event which happened this morning. I was leading nineteen boys and one girl with Helen and Sarah Jackson on a bird watching adventure. We were in Guildford’s water meadow park – behind Spectrum. There was an information board which showed various forms of wild life, I was pointing out the picture of a kestrel and telling the children its habits and features, when Marius said “stop”, followed by “look”. We raised our eyes and there was a kestrel in the sky; still with wings vibrating and tail feathers splayed and quivering. We watched it drop ten metres and hover again and then a further ten metres. Then it fell like a stone to the pasture and a mouse or vole became its mid morning snack! It was a stunning moment and everyone was amazed. I think one or two of the children wondered if somehow we had laid it on specially! It was just a great morning talking to Jonah who at just eleven has a phenomenal knowledge of British birds, of talking with Toby and Abhirup who were just so excited and happy to be really looking at birds closely. So all in all just a great time, but Marius and I will never forget our kestrel.

This week we have celebrated with Olcay Tokunaga. She was officially installed as a British citizen on Tuesday. She works as a TA in year six and always gives of her very best. We are so pleased to have her achieve this important milestone.

At Pewley Down we are continuing to have some parking issues. Please everyone try to operate to our unofficial one way system at morning and afternoon drop off/pick up time. Secondly if you could refrain from using the double yellow layby outside the school gates – you are in serious danger of getting a ticket – I did recently and also it means parents and vehicles with disabled stickers can use this rather than block the main part of the road. Thank you for your help with this.

With best regards, Richard

Please remember that school closes early next Wednesday 23 October for half term. Pewley will close at 12.00 and HT at 12.15pm. There will be no Clubs Plus at HT. School re-opens on Monday 4 November at the usual time.

Dates for the diary
Monday 4 November - 5HH visit The Royal Grammar School
Monday 4 November – Year 4 Roman Day
Tuesday 5 November – School Photographer, Individual Photos
Thursday 7 November - ‘Celebrity Reptiles’ for Year 3

Library Clubs
There will be no more library clubs until after half term, i.e. Dangerous Book Club, Board Games, Lego, History, Creative Writing or Manga.

May we remind parents that if you would like your child to be given any medicines, please make sure they are sent in with your child in a named packet or bottle with clear written instructions for doses. They will be kept in the office.

Secondary School Applications
The closing date for secondary applications is Thursday 31 October 2013. You can apply online for a September 2014 school place or you can obtain a paper parental preference form by emailing schoolbooklets@surreycc.gov.uk or telephone 0300 200 1015.

HSLW Coffee and Cake Morning
Our next meeting will be on Monday 18 November at 9.30am and we are thrilled that Mark Matthews, founder of the Sunflower Trust in Guildford, will be joining us. Mark will talk about the wonderful work that they do at the trust. The Sunflower Trust provides therapy for children with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, developmental delays and many other challenges. If you would like to know more about the work of the Sunflower Trust, please follow the link www.sunflowertrust.com We hope that you can join us and look forward to seeing you! Paula and Lucy.

Cake Sale
Next Wednesday morning, on the last day of school, there will be a whole-school charity cake sale. We are hoping to raise as much money as possible for The Rainbow Trust, a charity that supports families with children who are terminally ill or who have life-threatening diseases. Their work is invaluable to the families who need them. With the clocks changing next week, it’s a reminder that time is precious, particularly if it is limited. With lots of friends and teachers helping to bake cakes, we hope that there should be enough fairy cakes for every child to buy 2 so please bring in at least 50p (or £1 if you are able to give a kind donation to the charity). Thank you very much indeed. Lucy Mayne (6C) and Katie Mayne.

Bright Coloured Fabrics
We need bright coloured fabrics for hat making. If you have any please pass to Terri in the Art Room. Thanks.

Operation Christmas Child – Shoe Boxes
Children at both Holy Trinity and Pewley Down were excited to hear about this year’s Shoe Box Appeal during Assemblies this week. A shoe box shows our love for a child who has very little and lives in a far off country, this year the appeal is concentrating on Kyrgestan and Ukraine. Please bring a shoe box into school, contents suitable for a boy or girl, after half term. Thank you.

Holy Trinity School Community (HTSC) PTA News

Bingo Night – a BIG Thank You
A big thank you to all the children & parents who made the Bingo Night such a success. Our fantastic caller, Jez, had everyone banging on tables, shouting ‘BOO’ VERY VERY loudly when the computer said “no” and winning some ‘top’ prizes! Thank you to all the volunteers who helped set on the night and stayed to clear up – we really could not have done it without you. We managed to raise a fantastic £455.00, which will all go towards resources for the children at school.

The next big PTA event is BONFIRE NIGHT on Friday 8 November from 6-8pm – we’d love to see you there! Tickets will be on sale from Monday 21 October. Download a ticket form here.

Bonfire Night – 8 November – We need your help
For this to be a great success we need help on the evening and the morning after. Below is a list of what help is needed.
Bonfire Building Friday daytime - 5 people
Setting up  - From 4pm - 5 people
Entrance Gate  - From 6pm - 4 people per half hour
BBQ  - From 5pm - 5 people per half hour
Serving food - From 6pm - 4 people per half hour
Serving drinks - From 6pm - 2 people per half hour
Saturday Morning - From 9.30am approx 1hour.
If you can help even for half an hour please contact Karen Butler email atfc1992@ntlworld.com

Christmas Fair – We need your help
Planning for the Christmas fair is underway. The raffle at the fair raises a significant amount for the school, we are looking for someone to sponsor/donate the top prize, do you know of any local businesses that may be able to? If so please contact caroline@swifts.me.uk

Northbrook Wrapping
You should have received the Northbrook gift wrap brochure. We will all be buying wrapping paper for Christmas and of course we need birthday paper all year round. If everyone just bought one item through Northbrook we could raise a significant amount of money. Our school will receive 22% cash back on every item sold. As each item is £3.50 we will receive 77p for any product you buy. Please get your orders in to the school office before half term

Dates for the diary
Year 4 Drinks - Thursday 24 October at The Albany from 8.00pm
Bonfire Night – Friday 8 November
Christmas Fair - Friday 29 November

Lost: Olivia Smith in 5H has mislaid her school shoes, (black, size 4) last seen at Drama Club in the Chapel last week. If you picked the shoes up by mistake, please bring them to the office. Thank you.

Center Parcs - I have a booking at Elevedon Forest Centre Parcs for a midweek Monday 28th – Friday 2nd November 2 bedroom Woodland apartment that sadly I can no longer use due to the death of a dear friend. Under Centre Parcs terms it is too late for them to refund my booking but they have said that I am allowed to sell it privately and I can then transfer the booking to new names. It wasn’t a light purchase as any of you who knows Centre Parcs’ prices will know - £1009.00. I would like to sell it if possible for £800 and I will pay the admin fee to change the booking with Centre Parcs. Please call Liza Cheal on 07786 033131 if you are interested.

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