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HTPD Library

World Cup 2014 Book Suggestions List

You can download the World Cup Book Suggestions here.

HT Reading Challenge

Geraldine launched the HT Reading Challenge this week in Assembly, you can download the Powerpoint presentation here.

The library system has now gone online and can be accessed from home. You can see what books your child has out and what they have borrowed in the past. There are lots of new features, which will provide great opportunities. The children have been shown how it works and can log on by putting their library number into both the Username and Password boxes. If they want to find out what their number is they can either ask Geraldine or look in the yellow file on the library desk which is arranged in class order.  The link needed is:  http://u005614.microlibrarian.net.  

Suggested Reading Lists


Animoto Book Films

This is for a Year 5 book film

This is for a Year 3 book film



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